Aamir will be on break

After a hectic schedule last year because of Ghajini, Aamir Khan has now decided to take one year’s break from the work. He will be off once Raj Kumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots is done.

A source said that it is true that Aamir is finally taking a year off after Raj Kumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots is complete. He is currently in Bangalore shooting for the film. Actually, he was planning to take a sabbatical last year after Taare Zameen Par, where the double responsibility of directing and acting sapped him. But then he was coaxed into doing Ghajini and then began his physical reorientation, the muscle-building and body-toning that really exhausted the method actor. But he is now ready to take the long-pending break. He won’t be doing any films for the next one year

Well Aamir’s fans will dearly miss him…

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hmmm...i think Aamir need break, from last 2 years he is continously working either as producer, director or Actor. He has done a tremandous work.
but as compare to Shahrukh, i personally belive nobody has such a high energy like him.
SRK is a workaholic,he is doing work withour any break, now he has to go for operation as his shoulder get some torn and worn theory of muscles. So these days i think he is taking some rest before going surgery on 15th.

so what do u feel, who is better as a actor, producer, advertiser, businessman, and most notably as a good human bieng ?

The Thinker - just a human... said...

Well as an actor both are superb....businessmen well i think SRK.he knows how to sell....and as a human being i cant say....but i enjoy watching these two great guns on screen...

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