Interesting story about Ayesha!!!

Ayesha Takia once was worried girl. Ayesha, who induced some hormonal injections in order to gain big size breasts a few years ago, was planning to reduce them. The reason is said to be her shoulder pain, due to her heavy sized breasts. In order to get rid of the shoulder pain, the doctors had advised her to go for a surgery in order to reduce her bust size. She was 23 years in age and started acting when she was 15 years. On her father’s force she went for hormonal injections to increase her bust size to ‘D’ shape size which are normally found in middle aged married women and for porn stars.She advised the doctors and was ready for a surgery to reduce the size of her B**. But will she look that sexy then???

Sonam & Deepika: Who will win the fight??

Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone refuse to pose together for Vogue magazine recently, and still they claim that they are friends. When they were approached and asked to shoot together, they both simply asked for individual shoot.

A source says "Deepika and Sonam haven't been shot together, and the magazine thinktank thought it's be a great idea to get the Saawariya and the Om Shanti Om girls in the same frame. Not just because they made their debuts at the same time, but also because they were of the same age, and are friends, as well as rivals. The idea was to get the girls into a mock cat fight. They were asked to wear a shirt, denims and jacket and get into a fight over a boy's t-shirts. The visuals had to show them as two tom boyish girls fighting over a boy's clothes."

Not only this, Sonam Kapoor even refused to be on the same platform with Deepika in the Filmfare awards, when she was asked to host with Deepika. Finally, Konkana Sen joined Deepika.

Sonam declined this incident though and said it was nit true.

Sushmita Sen's Bold scene from Karma and Holi

Ohhh...Sexy and matured actress Sushmita Sen was too hot in her latest flick Karma and Holi. the sexy tall actress has given smooches and kisses to a reletively new actor Randip Hudda. Sushmita Sen has been in news for these hot and sexy scenes in the movie.

Ayesh Takia wedding reception pics...

Ayesh Takia recently got married. These are few of her wedding reception pics



Teasing Bollywood pics

Teasing Bollywood pics
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