Interesting story about Ayesha!!!

Ayesha Takia once was worried girl. Ayesha, who induced some hormonal injections in order to gain big size breasts a few years ago, was planning to reduce them. The reason is said to be her shoulder pain, due to her heavy sized breasts. In order to get rid of the shoulder pain, the doctors had advised her to go for a surgery in order to reduce her bust size. She was 23 years in age and started acting when she was 15 years. On her father’s force she went for hormonal injections to increase her bust size to ‘D’ shape size which are normally found in middle aged married women and for porn stars.She advised the doctors and was ready for a surgery to reduce the size of her B**. But will she look that sexy then???

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ajay rai said...
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It is ok to write what u feel, but i advise u one things don't write vulgarity in ur article otherwise u will loose ur blogdost who certainly check ur blog on a regular basis.
Take care

The Thinker - just a human... said...

Ok are right...I will take care from now onwards....Thanks for the advice mate

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