"Billu" Review

SRK's much talked flick "Billu" got a bad bad response from the audience on the very first day.
people hardly liked the movie though it has the brand name SRK in it.

If Shah Rukh Khan was supposed to be the backbone of the film, he should have been given a justified role in the movie. than "Billu" would have been much better. The items songs are so badly incorporated that they seems to be promo songs of some other movies. The actress (Lara Dutta) is seen in eyeliners and lip glosses when there is no food to eat for the family. Asrani, Raj Pal Yadav and Om Puri seems to be doing same roles again and again, particularly in a Priyadarshan movie.

The list of flaws in the direction and concept is endless and as a result the movie got the treatement it deserves.

Bad reponse and sad sad time for the "Billu" team.

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i think yaar ...the movie is good, i saw it yesterday.
yeah u r right some of the item song was not so logically incorporated, but it was no so bad also.
though the acting was good.

The Thinker - just a human... said...

yup the acting was good though

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