Ghajini has already stolen the show

Aamir Khan's much awaited movie Ghajini set box office on fire right from the word go. The movie got fantastic response all over the world. Ghajini has already broke few records even before its release. As per the sources, The movie has raked Rs 7 crore only from its paid previews, which is a record for any movie in the Bollywood.
"Ghajini should be the biggest opener of all times. It should set records in days to come." says trade analyst Taran Adarsh.
"Asin is a lively actress and poses a serious threat to all present leading Bollywood heroines. Aamir is the soul of the film. However, its length should have been trimmed by half an hour"
Well well well, as expected Ghajini has already stolen the show from other movie including King Khan's Rab Ne...
How are you feeling SRK?? Any comments??

Anushka stays away from media

Recently, SRK introduced Anushka to the media during the promos of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. But after that meet Anushka wants to stay away from media, reasons only known to Anushka herself.
She is not ready to give interviews making excuses that she is unwell.
"I am not used to this, so I got uneasy," says Anushka, who has been a model for quite a long time now.
She further adds that initially she was not interested in entering to bollywood "Aditya Chopra saw my photographs on the website of Elite model management and liked them. His office contacted me,"
"I am looking at doing more films now. While I was acting for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, I felt this is what I am made for. It really satisfies your creative urges!" the glam expresses

Madonna wants to meet Big B

Pop queen Madonna has expressed her views to meet Big B.

She said, “To me, Indian cinema means musicals. When I was in India, I really wanted to see a Bollywood flick but didn’t manage to do so. But I have heard a lot about Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, I would love to meet him some day."

But do Big B wants to meet madam Madonna?? Still a mystery

Bebo feels lucky!!!!

Kareena Kapoor feels lucky these days and feels that she is professionally doing very well at the moment and enjoying her lucky stint so far.

Kareena says, "It was an exciting phase in my life when so many things rushed down on me at the same time. The last year was a turning-point in my life. But the end result is happy. Both, professionally and emotionally, I think I've come out a winner. I've tried to be as dignified about my personal life as possible. As for my work, god has been kind."

She further adds, "There's absolutely no room for such negativity in my life. I only have place for people who are positive and who make me happy by sharing in my happiness. This is the best phase in my life. And I feel I'm in a place where I've never been before. As an actress I feel everyone and that includes me, expects things from me that are not generally expected from Bollywood actresses except maybe Kajol Or my sister Karisma."

Akshay praises Shah Rukh

It seems the war of words has become a sort of trend among the Bollywood actors. On one side Aamir, Salman and SRK are accusing each other on way or other, Akshay Kumar is praising SRK along with himself.

Akki said “Shah Rukh Khan and I are the only actors in current times who have attained this level of success all on our own without any godfather backing us. We came without any connections in Bollywood and have still managed to reach this stage by sheer hard work and determination.”

But after making all theses praises Akki was quick to add that there is only one king in the Bollywood, and that is Amitabh Bachchan.

No Films for Amrita after marriage

Amrita Arora will quit the wonder world of Bollywood after tying the knot with her NRI boyfriend Shakeel Ladak.
Amrita neither has any forthcoming movies nor she has any projects in hand, except few roles in the B-garde movie. So, it is a good idea to quit acting and enjoy her married life.
All wishes to Amrita and we hope she will not be coming to Bollywood again, as her career has been full of flop movies.

SRK in the list of most powerful people!!

US based magazine 'Newsweek' has named topmost 50 powerful people in the world where US President-elect tops with first rank. Sonia Gandhi has ranked at 17th position and Shah Rukh Khan holds 41st rank.

Well, it's not just United States, but the entire globe is surprised to see that nor Will Smith neither Brad Pitt are listed in top 50, but Shah Rukh Khan is. Bollywood calls him 'King Khan' and his inclusion in the top 50 list of the most powerful people has expanded his King Khan’s empire. Getting on him, the magazine states, it's not just that his romantic flicks make gazillions—it's where those gazillions come from. Khan is huge in the Muslim world, even in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the mullahs ban his films. (The movies thrive on the black market.) Their main appeal is certainly the song-and-dance numbers, but Khan (a Muslim married to a Hindu) makes devoutly secular films where love trounces bigotry. Sonia Gandhi gives Khan's DVDs to visitors, especially Muslim ones.

I could dare to fight with Shah Rukh: Aamir

The war of words between the two khans, SRK and Aamir, does not seem to be ending for the moment. Recently, Shah Rukh sparked a controversy by proclaiming himself the biggest brand and saying there cannot be any competition with him. Responding to this, Aamir said “For me Amitabh Bachchan is No 1. Do Lata Mangeshkar, Sachin Tendulkar and Amitabh Bachchan say they are number one? No one who sits on the top needs to say he is number one. Others keep claiming to be there,Aamir also said, "I don't believe in competitions with others. I only compete with myself." “Do you think I could dare to fight with Shah Rukh. He is a good friend and so I can't fight with him. I respect him a lot," said Aamir, when asked about his fight with King Khan. Well Both Aamir and SRK may deny but there is certainly a healthy cold war going on between these two top stars.

Tough times for Abhishek

Mani Ratnam has made Abhishek Bachchan's life hell on the sets of his latest project, Ravana. He made Abhi crop his hair and lose weight, but this was not enough.

Abhishek has not only been put on a special diet, but also has to undergo rigorous physical training. Abhishek also to climb rocks, face strong winds in a loin cloth, and run bare-feet in the jungles of Kerala!

In the shooting a water sequence with Abhishek, he made him rehearse for two-three days. On the actual day of the shoot, he simply didn't allow Abhishek to come out of the water till the last shot was canned. This ordeal went on for almost eight hours.

Well may these two create a bit of magic and make RAVANA a big hit, which Abhi surely needs.

Success for Anushka

Anushka Sharma is one of the most successful debutant of the year 2008. In an interview Anushka said that she is overwhelmed by the compliments coming from the people.

Though it wasn't easy for Anushka to grab this opportunity. The actress really worked hard to get into the shoes of Tani.
When Anushka met Shahrukh Khan- her co-star in the movie, he was in the get up of Surinder Suri-the character he is playing in the movie.

Anushka couldn't believe it was Shahrukh. Anushka really admires Shahrukh for his way of talking, his mannerism and his sense of humour. For now Anushka is enjoying her success and is expecting some good projects coming her way.

Professionalists SRK

Now that promos of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is finished and the movie is on track, King Khan is all set to leave for the shoot of his next film. “I will be in America shooting for my next film,” he said when asked about his New Year celebration plans.

Well, that strikes out any parties for SRK. And we bet Karan Johar is also happy.

The director is said to have postponed all shoots of his film just to let ShahRukh and Yash Raj to promote Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi well.

King Khan has made good use of his spare time to complete the shooting for his long-awaited project Dulha Mil Gaya. The actor had shot non-stop while the rest of the industry was shivering because of the terror attacks in Mumbai.

Well it seems King Khan surely knows how to manage time and keep people happy.

Vidya: Scary of Cats

What scares the very talented actress Vidya Balan the most is a Cat. Vidya always makes sure that there is no cat near her. Vidya remains terrified until the cat is shooed away, if she ever finds a cat on the sets.

But Vidya can't see if someone throws stones to get the cat away. Vidya asks the unit members just to shoo the cat as she can't bear to see stones being thrown at an animal.

Scary of animal yet an animal lover!!!! amazing

Wedding bells for Amrita

Sexy and gorgeous bollywood actress Amrita Arora is deeply in love with her current boyfriend Shakeel Ladak. So the lady in love has finally decided to marry Shakeel.

The couple will tie the knot at a resort in Goa on March 2.
Amrita started seeing Shakeel few months back, after her breakup with cricketer Usmaan.

So all the good wishes to Amrita and Shakeel for a very happy married life!!!

Minissha updates the status

Ah! Actress Minissha Lamba finally admits that she is seeing an upcoming actor Sohail Rathore who is awaiting the release of his debut film-"The Goodbye Trip".

Minissha recently updated her status from being "single" to "in a relationship" on facebook and thus making it clean that there is a man in her life- Sohail.

But how old this relationship is?? It is still a mystery.

Can we have more details Minissha??

Aamir Khan: The Prank Lover

Aamir is known as a Perfectionist but very few people are aware of Aamir's image of being a prankster on the sets. Even on the sets of Lagaan,the actor would play pranks at everyone by throwing pebbles at them. People kept guessing who was throwing pebbles. But, after sometime they found it was Aamir who was actually doing so.

Aamir left them pleasantly surprised as it was a new thing people discovered about him. This is what Aamir confessed on Farhan Akhtar's new show which was telecasted on 19th December on NDTV imagine.

Bips wants compensation

Gorgeous Bipasha Basu was booked for a performance at the Sahara Star on New Year's eve for a good amount of money. Because of some reason the program was cancelled. But Bips wants compensation for the dates she had aloted to the channel.
Bips is saying that she could have aloted her dates elsewhere. But Sahara people are not accepting Bipasha's take as professionalism.
Anyways, we are with you Bips darling!!

Salman beats SRK

SRK may be the King Khan of the bollywood, Salman Khan beats him when there is mater of health.

Recently, Salman has been voted as the number-one role model of health in the entertainment category by the public of India, in a survey conducted by the ‘Complete Well being magazine’.

Salman got 26% of votes while SRK was very close with 24% votes. So at the moment its Sallu Miyan whose nose is ahead in the SRK-Salman's Khan-tastic war.

FYI..John Abraham only got 4% votes....

SRK vs. Aamir...the war continues

The war between King Khan and Aamir Khan does not seem to be getting quite.

Recently at the launch function of Filmfare magazine's latest issue, ShahRukh Khan said "There cannot be any competition with me. I'm the biggest brand in the country. I am always there to endorse for everyone, but the saddest part is that no one is there to endorse for me as there is no brand bigger than me,"

Reacting to the above comments made by SRK, Aamir said, "He has been speaking about himself for last 20 years so there is nothing new about it."

Aamir is aggressively campaigning for Ghajini and the ushers of the multiplexes, where Shah Rukh's film is running, have adopted Aamir's Ghajini hair style to promote the action-thriller.

This too is making SRK angry!!!

Priyanka: I want to live even after death

Following the footsteps of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra has pledged to donate her organs after her death. The actress says that she wants to live even after death.

"I have donated my organs" Says Priyanka.

She further adds "It is not a question of what I have donated. There are several organs you can donate. You can donate your eyes, lungs, kidneys and even your skin. It feels good to know that I can be of some use to someone even after I am dead,"

Now that is a pure thought!!!

Ghajini Wallpapers and Stills

Rani's Hard work is paying!!!

Rani Mukherji struggled all these days to maintain her figure. But now finally Rani started loosing weight and is looking much slimmer. Her cameo in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi surprised many. She was looking very slim and fit in the song.

According to the reports her friend Aamir Khan helped her and advised her to go to Styajit Chaurasia, the guy who trained Aamir for Ghajini.

Rani worked very hard for two months, an hour a day and also followed the diet told her by Satyajit.

"Her slim figure also helped Rani in her new Yash Raj Film. Rani is happy with the weight loss as she has been struggling to stay slim all through her career," says a source.

Aamir had tough times with Salman

In an interview on a TV show, Oye Its Friday, Aamir Khan agreed that he had very hard and tough times with Salman Khan during the shoot of Andaaz Apna Apna.

"Salman is a true star...He would come at 12 or 2....and we would shoot if he was in the mood, and not shoot if he was not." Aamir told Farhan Akhtar, the host of the show.

Hmmmm...another Khan war begins???

Genelia in David's movie

Genelia D'souza, has been considered by David Dhawan for his new movie Hook Ya Crook.
The movie also stars John Abraham.

"Genelia has almost been finalised for Hook Ya Crook. She did a fabulous job in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and David is happy to have her on board." says a source

Rumours are that initially Vidya Balan was alomost finalised for the movie but Bipasha Basu, John's girlfriend, did't like it at all, so the idea was dropped. It seems that rumours John-Vidya link up during Salaam-e-Ishq are stil very fresh in Bips' mind.

Well ultimately its someone's loss and someone's gain

Censor Board gives the "topless" scene clean chit

Nandana sen is very happy that her topless scene in the movie Rang Rasiya ha not been cut by the Censor Board.

The actress says "Those scenes are crucial for the film's plot, and I never wanted them to get cut,"

But so far no one came forward to buy the rights of the film. Let see what will be the fate of the movie.

Two more songs in Ghajini

Two more songs are added in the much awaited Aamir Khan's Ghajini. One was shot on Asin and another on Jiah Khan. It is realised that Aamir added these two songs to sooth the violence in Ghajini. The promos of one of the songs, Aye bachon are already out. This song will be Asin's introductory song.
"Aye Bachon will be Asin's introductory song. The promos are already out and she is looking hot. Lattoo will also be released soon. It was shot just a week ago in Mehboob studios," says a production member

Michael meets Hrithik

Its a rare happening that a Hollywood Star comes to meet a Bollywood Star, but it happened. Guess who met whom????? Michael Jakson Came to meet our own Hrithik Roshan.....surprising but true. Michael was in LA for some shooting and so was Hrithik for his home project Kites.

A source reveals, “Michael introduced himself to Hrithik. It was a funny scene to see someone like him, who the whole world knows introducing himself. The two spoke for a short time and then Michael left.

Katrina "Googled"

Recently, Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif became the most searched person on Google. Thanks to her recent success in Bollywood.

It is quite clear that Indians are very obsessive towards bollywood and towards bollywood actress for that matter. Katrina has made her mark in the industry now and with her bold and innocent looks she is now capturing more hearts day by day of the Indian fans.

Adhyayan's obsession for Kangana!

LOVE makes people do strange things. One live example is what Adhyayan Suman did for his love Kangana Ranaut. Few days back, Adhyayan tookKangana's painting from the sets of Mahesh Bhatt's upcoming film Raaz- The Mistery Continues.

Mahesh Bhatt has paid 20 lakhs for 10 paintings of Kangana painted by famous painter Pulakesh Pramanikfor the film. The particular painting which Adhyayan took home was one of those paintings and sources said that Adhyayan immediately fell in love with Kangana after looking at that painting on the set. There was one particular scene in which that painting was supposed to be burnt by Emraan Hashmi for a music video of the film.

The director of the film Mohit Suri said," we have got the painting back from Adhyayan's house but the problem is still unsolved. Adhyayan is not allowing Emraan to burn the painting". When he was enquired about the reason behind burning the painting, he smiled and said that he could not tell that as it would reveal the story. Mohit Suri is now in a difficult situation as he is not able to solve this strange demand of Adhyayan. May be Kangana can help you Mohit???

SRK: A Real Hubby in Real Life Too

Shah Rukh Khan is on a break from the shooting of Rab Ne Bana DI JOdi, his forthcoming movie. Guess why???

No No..not because he is ill or tired but for his wife Gauri, who is in Lilavati Hospital. Gauri was admitted after she complained of severe stomach pain. She was rushed to Lilavati Hospital.

"SRK has ben by her side since Gauri was discharged from the hospital. He will go backto shooting only after Gauri is perfectly fine" A source said.

well this tells you that king Khan is a perfect hubby, not only onscreen but offscreen too.

Elated Priyanka

PRIYANKA Chopra is elated that her look in Fashion and Dostana is making headlines. The actress finds its lucky that she worked in both the films together. "For the early part of Fashion , I had to put on weight to depict the chubby look of a Chandigarh girl. Then, for the Mumbai shoot of the film , which showed my journey to the top as a supermodel, I had to lose weight. The look I acquired for Fashion also helped in Dostana because I was training hard and acquiring a well- toned physique," she said.

Priyanka's latest film Dostana, which released yesterday, deals with the issue of gay relationships.

Shahid Vs. Kareena

SHAHID Kapur has always boasted of himself that he doesn’t endorse products just for the sake of it. He endorses a product only if he is sure of the brand and is convinced the product is good for the society.

But though late but not too late, Shahid realised the importance of earning money too thats why recently he signed a deal. It is for VIP luggage and he shot two TV commercials in Goa recently. “ I take on brands that I relate to and am convinced about. VIP has brought out a new range of trendy luggage which will appeal to today’s youth,” says the actor.

Though shahid remained quite about the remuneration he got, but according to the sources he has been paid Rs 7 crore by the company to endorse their new range.

Looks like Shahid wants to catch up with the stars who are getting huge amounts for their endorsement deals. And more than anyone else, it looks like it is Kareena Kapoor he is competing with. Is it Shahid??

It is known that recently, Kareena signed a Rs 7- crore deal for a Kurkure ad and soon after Shahid has settled for the same amount.
Hmmmmm...the competition seems to be a healthy one… or a wealthy one....infact a healthy-wealthy one.

Singer Akki emerges again

Akshay Kumar has given his fans another reason to be happy. For his next film Chandni Chowk to China, he has recorded a song in just 20 minutes and that too without any preparations. Director Nikhil Advani called Akki for the recording of the song, the day he returned from Cape Town, South Africa. And guess within an hour the song was recorded. After all Akki has done rapping for his last film Singh is King also. So hopefully, Akshay must have had not any difficulties while recording. So this KING really SINGS!!



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