Shahid Vs. Kareena

SHAHID Kapur has always boasted of himself that he doesn’t endorse products just for the sake of it. He endorses a product only if he is sure of the brand and is convinced the product is good for the society.

But though late but not too late, Shahid realised the importance of earning money too thats why recently he signed a deal. It is for VIP luggage and he shot two TV commercials in Goa recently. “ I take on brands that I relate to and am convinced about. VIP has brought out a new range of trendy luggage which will appeal to today’s youth,” says the actor.

Though shahid remained quite about the remuneration he got, but according to the sources he has been paid Rs 7 crore by the company to endorse their new range.

Looks like Shahid wants to catch up with the stars who are getting huge amounts for their endorsement deals. And more than anyone else, it looks like it is Kareena Kapoor he is competing with. Is it Shahid??

It is known that recently, Kareena signed a Rs 7- crore deal for a Kurkure ad and soon after Shahid has settled for the same amount.
Hmmmmm...the competition seems to be a healthy one… or a wealthy one....infact a healthy-wealthy one.

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