Kangana: Now an experiences campaigner

Kangana Ranaut, who has been praised for her remarkable performance in fashion claims that she will never be seen in a faltu popcorn movie. Kangana said "I cannnot sign a film just because i am getting paid for an xyz amount or because of the banner". kangana also showed her interest in doing a comedy film.
When talked about her role in the film fashion she said she has dealt with lot of psychos in her real life that she can judge people very well. Kangana denies any romours or suggestions that Priyanka Chopra might have felt threatened because Kangana's rocking performance in the film. The actress claims that both of them are good friends. About kangana's role in the film Kangana said" I have never been a model so i didn't relate to the character at all". Kangana also shared the secret of her figure which is a combination of healthy diet, cardio and yoga.

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