Adhyayan's obsession for Kangana!

LOVE makes people do strange things. One live example is what Adhyayan Suman did for his love Kangana Ranaut. Few days back, Adhyayan tookKangana's painting from the sets of Mahesh Bhatt's upcoming film Raaz- The Mistery Continues.

Mahesh Bhatt has paid 20 lakhs for 10 paintings of Kangana painted by famous painter Pulakesh Pramanikfor the film. The particular painting which Adhyayan took home was one of those paintings and sources said that Adhyayan immediately fell in love with Kangana after looking at that painting on the set. There was one particular scene in which that painting was supposed to be burnt by Emraan Hashmi for a music video of the film.

The director of the film Mohit Suri said," we have got the painting back from Adhyayan's house but the problem is still unsolved. Adhyayan is not allowing Emraan to burn the painting". When he was enquired about the reason behind burning the painting, he smiled and said that he could not tell that as it would reveal the story. Mohit Suri is now in a difficult situation as he is not able to solve this strange demand of Adhyayan. May be Kangana can help you Mohit???

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