Tough times for Abhishek

Mani Ratnam has made Abhishek Bachchan's life hell on the sets of his latest project, Ravana. He made Abhi crop his hair and lose weight, but this was not enough.

Abhishek has not only been put on a special diet, but also has to undergo rigorous physical training. Abhishek also to climb rocks, face strong winds in a loin cloth, and run bare-feet in the jungles of Kerala!

In the shooting a water sequence with Abhishek, he made him rehearse for two-three days. On the actual day of the shoot, he simply didn't allow Abhishek to come out of the water till the last shot was canned. This ordeal went on for almost eight hours.

Well may these two create a bit of magic and make RAVANA a big hit, which Abhi surely needs.

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