Billu Barber becomes Billu

SRK tries to stay away from the controversies, thats what he did in Billu Barber’s case. He negotiated with the Hairdressers union and has removed the word Barber from his movie and now Billu Barber will only be called Billu.

SRK says, “I had a discussion with the association of hair dressers and salons in Maharashtra. And I’ve pokes to the associations in other cities on the phone. I don’t think we were wrong in ever using the word ‘barber’ and that is what be stand by. But they have their own take on that. The film has been made with a good feeling. So, I’d rather not hurt anyone, because it’s not going to affect my film.

We will put a piece of paper on the word ‘barber’ on the posters and hoardings which belong to the production which is Red Chillies, wherever it can be done. It’s a little expensive to try and change the posters which we couldn’t have done.

He further says, “If they understood that they wouldn’t have had an issue with it. In this case I was very clear that there is no legality involved and I would just like to make sure that people aren’t unhappy. I think I’m also a little mellow since I’m going for my surgery, so I don’t want to hurt anyone.

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