Salamn Khan expresses himslef honestly

Salman Khan in a new interview talks about Islam, new IPL team that he wants to buy and his the other Khan " King Khan"

Some would say you have been unfair to SRK on the airport controversy. Doesn’t racial profiling bother you? Have you never felt that people behaved in a certain manner with you because you are a Muslim?
I don’t think Shah Rukh has ever gone through that. He has been politically correct, there are no court cases against him they still detained him, and he felt humiliated. They were doing their job.

Let me put this directly: what is your problem with the man who lives on the other side of Bandstand? You used to be friends once.
It’s just that our thinking doesn’t tally. But the world’s made of all sorts of people. I did not like what he said once. He respects my family, I respect his. We just don’t see eye to eye. Weird things happened one night. It could have been sorted out then and there.
Next morning I came home. But I found that it was blown out of proportion, obviously not from my side.

It was just a joke at a party, wasn’t it?
(Looks across, intensely) It was not a joke.
I don’t want to talk about it, but as one grows, one becomes magnanimous, more secure chalo, god has given so much. But not in his case.I have my family, my parents, brothers, sisters, everybody. He doesn’t have anybody above him. So perhaps it is lack of guidance perhaps. Or may be some sort of a fear. May be if I were in his place, I would behave exactly like that.

Do you respect Shah Rukh professionally?
He is very effective. Great script sense. He has come up the hard way, from TV. How he has climbed is his problem. But he has climbed a long way up. For me it is not about climbing, it is about growing.

There are fatwahs against you celebrating Ganpati in your house. Haven’t you ever worried that it might alienate thousands of your Muslim fans?
First came human and then came religion. Muslims don’t like bad Muslims; Hindus don’t like bad Hindus. Fatwa is an opinion. Nobody is allowed to issue fatwas. The relationship is between me, the banda, and god.

Are you buying an IPL team?
Yes, I want to buy an IPL team. I am interested. So is Lalit. He and I have discussed this. It is a long process, involves bidding and all that.

Which team do you want to buy? Kolkata Knight Riders?
No no. I want to buy one of the two new teams that they are going to introduce. People think I want to buy a team because of an ego hassle with Shah Rukh. Suniel [Shetty] put it very well the other dayĆ¢?¦he said I don’t think somebody will put hundreds of crores for an ego hassle.

You like cricket?
My father and brother are crazy about it. I am not that ardent a fan, but once I’m

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